A Common Kashmiri’s Journey to Pain… A Story of Betrayal, Scars and Politics.

Shed the Curtains of India and Pakistan rivalry, try to see Pain, Betrayal and Politics in Kashmir with own eyes and feel the pain of suppression.


Why both the neighboring countries are fighting over Kashmir, which belongs to Kashmiris? The Fight between two countries India and Pakistan is since their Independence and even way before that to divide “Old Good India”, why Kashmir should be the Victim of their Politics? None of them love Kashmir, they just need battle ground to settle their “Old Communal Rifts” which everybody know, andthey could not find better land then this. Pandit brothers were dragged and mercilessly killed by conspiracy played by both countries Pakistan and India, which they tried to play for Sikhs as well but didn’t succeed. Now same is theory is played to erase Muslims in Kashmir. Why Kashmiris suffer in their hunger for Land and power?


All the leaders from Kashmir and across both the Countries- India and Pakistan played Important role in crushing of Kashmir and Kashmiris – whether Party in governance or one sitting in Opposition, whether leaders from Separatist Parties or leaders sitting across borders. Kashmir is of Kashmiris irrespective of one being Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, Christians or Buddhists, as long as one is Kashmiri, Kashmir belongs to him. I would have said or raised voice that time when injustice was happening to our other communities in Kashmir who belong to Kashmir but unfortunately I was not born that time. It doesn’t mean that I can’t raise voice now or can’t stand by right or stand against wrong now, I will stand.


When India and Pakistan together fought against British, was there any Back-Hand supporting that rebellion or any conspiracy against British? Or any fringe elements? No, that was just fight for freedom and war against injustice. Then why the struggle in Kashmir is referred as “Conspiracy“, “Activities of Fringe Elements“, “Paid revolution” etc.? People need to wake up and see truth rather than being governed by “Media-Conspiracy Theory” – which shows you what they want you to see, which puts an idea in your mind what they want you to think, they want you to raise voice when they want, they force you to deny the freedom of the other state and call it terrorism when they want, they force you to consider a terrorist as Patriot and Bakht when they want. One’s the relations are screwed with that so called patriot the same patriot who was ‘partner in crime’ with media will become “Deshdrohi” or “Anti-National”, here again they decide who to call what.

Why you let media to direct you? Why don’t you direct them?

Why the news they show is important and you have to watch? Why not the news that you want to show them to rest of the country and which is of real importance is showed?

Why the struggle of Ukraine is showed as a struggle for freedom and struggle by Kashmir is said terrorism and activities of fringe elements?

Why we need media’s eyes to see? ears to hear? tongue to speak? Are we using ours?

Think, think and think…

The political parties and so called politicians from both the countries don’t care about whether Kashmiris live or die but it’s so hot topic between public of both the countries that they use is as a vote bank. For illustration,

Indian Politicians: “Kashmir humara tha, humara rahega”, Dhoodh mango gay to kheer dengay, Kashmir maangogay to cheer dengay” etc

Pakistani Politicians: “I will take back Kashmir, all of it, and I will not leave behind a single inch of it because, like the other provinces, it belongs to Pakistan” etc

Comments like this are made every day by politicians from both the Nations. If I am not wrong has anybody in decades ever considered what Kashmiris wanted, unless they don’t want to ruin opposite groups, not even said for once, “Let us ask Kashmiris what they want because Kashmir is of Kashmiris, we will go with what they want. They are and were busy in making their political benefits so much that they don’t even consider it important and always keep ranting their slogans, “We are leaders of Kashmir and representative of Kashmiris“, who said this to them that they represent us? they represent political benefits of two countries, which they nourish time to time. Adding to this, the word Plebiscite was brought into existence, which was a word for them to keep manipulating old innocent Kashmiris who believed their decisions, which in reality has no importance of freedom, no action plan just a drag-n-drop political preference but no Freedom.12195952_436027113253427_5653209837598081761_n But with new youth who are intellectual and educated they fail to manipulate them.

12188904_436025919920213_1654365606169583012_nThe politicians across both the countries are not only responsible for the Burning of Paradise, those leaders who once fought for the freedom of Kashmir against Maharaja Rule and other atrocities, later sold themselves and their soul in the hands of political elements and became the one against which they once fought, even worse. Till today their atrocities are growing on Kashmiri people. Adding to worseness of atrocities they did bring some of the heinous Laws like POTA (Prevention of Terrorism Act)- “under which even if the Kashmiri gave shelter to any terrorist, even if terrorist has taken shelter on gun point, his/her property will be seized and family behind bars”, for us both side have suppressed us on the gun point, no difference it makes, AFSPA- army rule in a passive way, PSA- under which even 9 year old was put behind bars. From time to time they were amended and brought to make it even more miserable for Kashmiris to live in Kashmir with the support of Kashmiri political leaders from both the groups who serve their faith to India or to Pakistan. The Hunger to rule the state has blinded and made them Traitors of the nation who believed them once (so called Kashmiri leaders).

12191963_436027419920063_8234222376143176492_nThe witness of which is blood carnage of Bijbehara Massacre on October 22, 1993, 20 March 2000 Chattisinghpora, 25 March 2000 Pathribal village, 2006 Doda massacre in Thawa village against unarmed innocent Hindus of Jammu and Kashmir State, Doodhipora killing February 22, 2006, Gawkadal massacre on 20 January 1990 the Indian paramilitary troops of the Central reserve Police Force opened fire on a group of Kashmiri protesters where at least 50 people were killed, Handwara massacre on 25 January 1990, Kishtwar massacrewas on 3 August 2001 when 17 Hindu villagers were killed and the list of Blood carnage and massacre goes on where only Kashmiris suffered whether Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, in the hands of these politicians from both the countries and their representatives. One cannot also forget 2008, 2010, Kunan Poshpora heinous Night of Rape which occurred on February 23, 1991 and killing and rape of Kashmiri Pandits and Exodus of 150000 Pandits. How can a Kashmiri forget these scars? Tears of mother and face of sister narrates it all. Silence of Father and son speaks it all.

None of the countries would have been able to play the open massacre in Kashmir unless leaders wouldn’t have supported them. For this we Kashmiri paid huge fine because of which one part is under Pakistan and one under India. They don’t fight to get Kashmir freedom; they fight which master should rule us. Leaders have never done justice for Kashmiris as their hunger for power has always restricted them to take a wise decision in favor of Jammu and Kashmir. The word “Plebiscite” seems very exciting to a Kashmiri who feels, “Yes, I can take decision what I want…I will be free” but unfortunately it’s the finest way to inherit freedom struggle of Kashmiris, according to the UN resolution “plebiscite offers the option of choosing between India and Pakistan” that means we have to stay slaves, we are just given the option to change the Master, we can never have freedom. The “Slave and Master” concept is supported in no religion and in no books of Humanity. 5f0cc5d733eb355aa53187eb416d0f95

Why I should accept “IOA (Instrument of Accession)” or “Plebiscite” which was and is a wolf in skin of sheep which is tender and soft sword to divide my Kashmir- My Paradise?

Why should I accept the UN Resolution which inherits my freedom, which makes me just eligible to change My Master?

Why I should support Pakistan, India or China when my people from Jammu, Kashmir, Ladhak, Leh, Ciyachin etc are suffering?

No state party in Kashmir is of Kashmiris they are just representatives of India and Pakistan, the history of political parties and political families cleanly clears the sight of common man what are the hidden agenda of these parties. Why should we Vote when we don’t accept them as our Rulers, but crushed under suppression and circumstances I am forced to do unlike all the other Kashmiris. Thanks to representative leaders of India and Pakistan.

I remember the quote by Abraham Lincoln, “Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves

The struggle of “Old Good India- India before 1947” was termed as Freedom struggle and struggle by Kashmiri people as terrorist activity, why double standards? There are so many more statement I want to put forward and open my heart to but Alas! We humans listen to reply never listen to understand the pain. I soon will be put under gun of questions, as for them it is the issue of Nationalism but for me it’s the issue of Freedom and Peace. Kashmir has become issue of prestige, they care about no Kashmiri.

Sowing the seed of hatred in one community against another is their success formula to stay in power and get votes, I am common man these things doesn’t please me, love and peace, freedom and identity serves me a lot. I don’t hate India or Pakistan, I love people from both sides, same way I love my people, whats harm and wrong in that? I always pray for the Peace of India and Pakistan and same I do for My Kashmir, is it any sin? I always pray for the success of both countries that they become best of best in world, what is harm in wishing and praying for My Kashmir same? I wish India and Pakistan should be an example of democracy and freedom, what is wrong in praying same for Kashmir?

Kashmiri Youth wants


But who to tell?


By Syed Rufaid Qadri

Eat Beef and Get Murdered: Welcome to India

Man from Dadri, UP, was killed and women at his house were molested from his family for eating meal because some inhuman and uneducated mob supported by power hungry politician heard rumors of cow slaughtering by man? Later, which turned out to be false? The sample of meat was sent to the laboratory to check whether the meat is beef or not? It was a rumor of eating beef and when asked Ex- MLA of BJP, he came up with the statement, “those arrested for the killing are “innocent kids” who got “excited” by the grave crime of eating beef.” In other words MLA said Human life values nothing in front of our Agenda and vote bank. This didn’t stop here, later, BJP blamed the victim family for loose of life and murderers were called as “Innocent Kids” and justified the killing of deceased. The killing over the beef rumor lies in the ideology supporting “Hindutva”, where no other community can practice their beliefs, if did, than has to face remorse consequences like this. In other words Hindutva forces the death of “Secularism” and “Humanity”. The country with enormous number of religions, communities, linguistics has to follow one law and practice one religion i.e. The Hindutva.
These so called politicians value no one more than their power and vote bank. When Muslims fight or protest back they are referred as terrorists and called their protests and fights ulterior motives of terrorism. What different role VHP, Sanatan Sanstha, RSS, and other extremist organizations play in India than ISIS and other terrorist organizations, who kill innocent humans for their ulterior motives? The work is same but being Non-Muslims extremist organization, media and government will Label them differently “Innocent kids got excited, it’s not act of terrorism, its act of crime”. Why Dual Policy? Why Hypocrisy? Does the Nation only belong to only one community? Or it’s finally going in the direction what some extremist people and organizations wanted it to be? The Nation is of Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and of many other people from different beliefs, not only of supporters of Hindutva. Even whole world belongs to different communities not only to one particular community, who goes for mass murder to claim the country or world. Different people have different beliefs, different Ideologies, different nature and different taste. But no one has the right to murder on bases of difference on Taste, Belief, Ideology or Religion.
The issue of Beef Ban or eating non-veg has long history and clash of opinions has been between vegetarians and Non-vegetarians from ages. That doesn’t give a particular community right to kill Human Being for eating what they like (killing pets are not supported). If eating Beef is problem for a particular community? Than Muslims have problem with Alcohol and Pork, than why aren’t they banned yet? Why cigarettes are not banned yet even after knowing these are also against the sentiments of Sikh community? Why they still in Market? The beef banning is not for Nation it is for one particular sect, as majority of votes belong to that sect. The Beef Ban is not for Nation, it is communal.
Why Muslims and other beef consuming communities had been target on this issue and killed mercilessly? When India is ranked the world’s largest exporter of Beef with 2,400,000tones (contribute 23.53% to total export of world) in 2015 followed by Brazil with 2,005,000 (19.66%). And most of prominent names and exporters of beef are Arabian Export of Deepak Tijori, Al Kabeer Exports now run by Atul Subberwal, Al-Noor Export of Ajay Sud, Mahesh Jagadale and Co, Sujata Bones of MK Deore, Dode Industries, Fine Exports, SK Leather, Ramesh Juneja & Sons, Bharat Leather, Woodland, Raymonds, Datta Soap, BS International, Sixth Sense, Natural Craft, Bounty Fashion Export, Kochhar Brothers, Ravi Exports, Kalia International, and Hindustan Unilever Ltd. – all engaged in beef and the business of associated raw materials and products. They why a poor Muslim old man was inhumanly killed? Why his daughters were molested? Son assaulted? Mother beaten? And was accused of hurting religious sentiments?
BJP’s Indore MLA Usha Thakur has stirred up a hornet’s nest when she advised “Muslim community to either sacrifice their sons or give up the practice of sacrificing innocent animals on the occasion of Eid al-Adha”.
Is this the sympathy for animals or provoking people to kill Muslims? Do they want to prove India does only belong to followers of Hindutva?
This is an act of terrorism, same as other International Terrorist Organizations. For Massacre whole Indian government is responsible.

Human being are not meant to be killed even if they belong to different religion, beliefs and ideologies.


Condolence to those who think that their religion allows them to kill “unarmed humans” for the sake of religion and to avenge.
Condolence to those who think “if lie is needed to bring justice…let us lie then”.
Condolence to those who think “let us do wrong deeds today and later will go to Hajj and wash our sins”
Condolence to those who think “Ramadhan got over now they are free to do sins”
Condolence to those who do deeds and then publicize and keeps account of that.
Condolence to those who lie for their religion
Condolence to those who compare themselves to the one who had sinful deeds and say “I am better than him at least”
Condolence to those who have knowledge and they don’t spread and think of themselves as the most intellectual.

Condolence to those who get bored by listening to one who provides them knowledge, at least when you can’t read.
Condolence to those who make fun of knowledge.

Journey of a Boy- From the Land of War to the Heights of Rugby

Kashmir– the land known distinctively as the paradise on earth has been the Political Battle Field and reason for the lethal rivalry between India and Pakistan. The Valley of indelible beauty has witnessed some of the major tussles in the history (you can find an alternative to convey the same meaning-may be tussle or defeats) and many subdued stories that either stayed untold or died before they were born. Sabotaged by politics and timely war, this paradise has fuelled the zeal of many scholars, sports stars and other famous personalities. Lost in hope of peaceful mornings and bright future, some has kept ray of hope alive among people, who have seen intense destruction in the last few decades. This Valley has immense talents, great intellect and strong penchant for sports. Even amid these political turmoils people in this valley have never let their passion and love for sports die, and with their unwavering zeal have continued to produce top sports icons, some of them have even managed to carve a robust place in hall of fame at many set bar even at international and National levels. One such stalwart Star produced by this valley is Sarib Qazi, who has not only played Rugby for state and country but has given a new name to the whole Rugby community of valley He today stands tall as one of the venerable names in the rugby community in country as well as at international level.

Sarib Qazi with trophy.
Sarib Qazi with trophy.
Young Sarib Qazi with Rugby Ball.
Young Sarib Qazi with Rugby Ball.

The young boy had a humble beginning. He started off his rugby journey at the age of 14 years, when one of his friends, Hanan Sabiq, first introduced him to the rugby, who was already playing at district level and was then the captain of State junior rugby team. The first question this young boy with flamboyance asked was, “what to do with the ball?” His friend replied, “Hold in arms, run through people and never look back”. The boy named Sarib Qazi took his gamesome words seriously and embedded them in his head and heart. And today one can see him priding at biggest stage of Rugby Coming across all the possible barriers and breaking old jinx of the state, this sports star has unflinchingly made it to the top among the state, later in country and now ready to imprint his worthiness his mark in England for British Asian Rugby Association (BARA).

with Founder of BARA Ikram Butt.
With Founder of BARA Ikram Butt.
Sarib in Action at Rugby National Tournament.
Sarib in Action at Rugby National Tournament.
receiving Man-of-the Match award in Lahore Pakistan for his best display.
Receiving Man-of-the Match award in Lahore, Pakistan for his best display.

Sarib began his early education in Burn Hall School-one of the most reputed schools in the valley and it was during this period that the young Sarib found his passion for football. It was at Burn Hall where Sarib learned few tricks and adorned his school’s wall with medals and trophies. Even though he spent his crucial time in playing football, he excelled well in his studies too and even managed to get the top rank. Even before giving wings and roots to his Rugby dream, Sarib had already become one of the favorite scions of the state’s football community. Sarib has never left any stones unturned to impress the sports community and has defeated many schools in tournaments and clinched laurels and trophies. After completing his high school in Kashmir, he headed towards Delhi where he joined SRM College of Engineering. Even after graduating with flying colors in Electronics and Communication, he did not stray himself away from his Rugby practice and continued to strive what his heart desired. He played many matches there and represented Delhi in National Rugby Tournaments and won many trophies with the team

With Gordon Titjens- All Blacks 7s Coach
With Gordon Titjens- All Blacks 7s Coach
Sarib Qazi with Tim Mikkelson- IRB PLayer of The Year 2013 for New Zealand 7s National Team.
Sarib Qazi with Tim Mikkelson- IRB PLayer of The Year 2013 for New Zealand 7s National Team.
With England Player Dan Norton.
With Dan Norton- England’s National Rugby Player.

Very soon, he became a celebrated name among the best players in the country. Through his passion, consistency, dedication and swift athletic skills he managed to pique the interest of the Indian Rugby Federation, which was followed by his selection in the national team- Indian Rugby Team by the concerned authorities. While recollecting the memories of his first international match, he said, “I played my first match for India against Philippines in Asian5Nations Championship in 2010 at Vientiane, Laos”. He further added, “I was selected for India camp after being the maximum try scorer in the All India National U20 Rugby Championship”. During his stint in the selection camp, Sarib made sure to remain undeterred with his performance and ensured to stay tight in the first playing team where 23 players were being selected from the top 60 players. After getting into the national squad his dreams didn’t stagnate here he kept moving and pacing to be recognized as one of the best player in Rugby world. “ In the tournament, Indian team secured the third place and I was the top scorer for the country with 5 tries, 4 conversions and 2 penalties, total of 38 points”, Sarib said. Scoring a hat trick of tries in India team’s final match against home team Laos, the young boy was immensely being praised by the selectors, his team mates and within no time he gained huge fan following, within Rugby world and beyond.

South African 7s Sensation and Speedster Seabolo Senatla atat Scotstoun Stadium during match.
South African 7s Sensation and Speedster Seabolo Senatla atat Scotstoun Stadium during match.
with England Coach Stuart Lancaster(England Coach )
With England Coach Stuart Lancaster(England Coach )
Sarib Qazi at promotion of Rugby World Cup 2015 at Judge Meadow College
Sarib Qazi at promotion of Rugby World Cup 2015 at Judge Meadow College

Failure never disheartens this young player and instead he takes it in his pride to achieve new heights “On the last day of the camp, I injured my right hand finger in a trial game and needed 5 stitches on it. Even after making it so far they could not select me for national team squad, citing reasons of my injured hand”, he quoted. He didn’t allow his failure to make way to a life of dejection and continued to work hard. His efforts didn’t go unnoticed and many Rugby veterans accolade him for his striking performance and penchant for rugby. While playing in Delhi, he met Sir Alex Murphy, the privileged member of Rugby Football Union who got impressed with Sarib’s execution and introduced him to Ikram Butt- founder of British and Asian Rugby Association. And very soon he got admitted in one of the renowned universities of England- University of Leeds. With his brilliant rugby tactics and skills, he had managed to woo the university’s rugby team and acquired selection in the same team. He further added “In England, from the first day Ikram welcomed me and after hearing good reviews from Alex about my game, he invited me to join and represent BARA- British and Asian Rugby Association,” BARA empowers more and more Asians to play rugby and encourages them to get involved with rugby.


Sarib Qazi's Jersey in BARA (British Asian Rugby Association)- he will be making his debut for BARA on 31st August 2015 at Saracens, Aviva Stadium.
Sarib Qazi’s Jersey in BARA (British Asian Rugby Association).

With his performance, discipline and dedication, Sarib Qazi has been selected in Playing Squad in BARA(British and Asian Rugby Association). Annihilating all the barriers, he will be making his debut for BARA on 31st August 2015 at Saracens, Aviva Stadium. Saracens created history by winning their first Aviva Premiership Rugby Championship on May 30, 2015 at Twickenham. The boy is about to make some huge strides in rugby and for his state when he will represent Lincoln Rugby Club in England this Septemeber. Sarib is contracted to play full season with them and will represent the oldest team from Lincoln over many leagues and cup fixtures.He is keen to help aspiring rugby players from his state and support them to carve a niche in same league. Even after achieving heights the rising rugby star likes to stay deep rooted to its home-ground and still participates in the state rugby squad. He has also played American Football where he was selected for Delhi Defenders in Elite Football League of India for session-1. Leaving his mark even there, he was awarded ‘EFLI Most Valuable Defensive Player for Quater1 – Season 1’. An inspiration for many, this rugby star has an affable demeanor which is undoubtedly evident from his grounded and humble responses.

There is still much more to learn and give,” he added.

Sarib leading delhi Defenders in American Football-EFL
Sarib leading delhi Defenders in American Football-EFL
At Twickenham Stadium, home of England Rugby
At Twickenham Stadium, home of England Rugby

Rugby Career Highlights of Sarib Qazi

  • International Indian Rugby
  • India Vs Philippines ( Asian 5 Nations ) Vientiane
  • India Vs Kazakhstan ( Asian 5 Nations ) Vientiane
  • India Vs Iran ( Asian 5 Nations ) Laos
  • India Vs Laos (Asian 5 Nations) Laos.
  • HIGEST POINT SCORER FOR INDIA with 5 tries and 18 points off the boot in 4 test matches.
  • Lahore-Delhi International Rugby Cup – Winner January 2012 . o
  • Man of the Tournament, Fair Player Award
  • All India National 7s Championship – Plate Winner 2014
  • All India South East Asia Club Rugby Championship Sep 2007, Sep 2009.
  • All India State Snow Rugby Championship (March 2009).
  • All India Under-20 National Rugby Championship (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010).
  • National Level Football Subroto Cup 2006
  • Inter University Football Championship as Captain of SRM University –IIT Delhi, IIT Roorkee and SRM Brailey.
  • Represented Delhi Defenders in the Elite Football League of India (International League),the first American Football league in Asia.
  • EFLI Most Valuable Defensive Player for Quater1 – Season 1

Written by Syed Rufaid Qadri

Edited by Karishma Borkakoty

Mother – Who Didn’t Last

“I’m alone, why did you go? Didn’t you for even once thought about us? Why you left early when we needed you? The moment we started understanding the meaning of love, you took love away from us and a reason, and left! How your heart could let you do this?” and leave our hearts in ache.

She-the mother who didn’t last but her motherhood left aches, when for the first time took wee adorable creature gently in her hands and tenderly embraced to her bosom and she forgot her unbearable pain of giving birth. Looked at him and in her whimpering voice and sobbed eyes, she said, “you are my Father, I have never seen my father, not even had picture of his, and I guess he looked like you. Please never leave me like he did”. The wee creature may not be her first love but she loved this creature more than anything ever existed on earth, even she. The Girl turned mother dreamt every day of looking her wee creature growing up and turning into child to young boy in youth to man, seeing him having job, getting him married having kids and wife- whenever she use to think about this her eyes use to fill with tears. She fed him; every second of her life she use to notice him burgeoning, loved him, played with him, use to take his tender hands into her hands, pamper him, hug n kiss him- thousands of ways that no one other than mother could love her son. Going on days hunt over ridges, her mind was still with her wee adorable creature, who she called her son and adore him most; thinking about him her day use to pass. The evening always bought happiness to her, when she will be returning to her nest. The travel would look like voyage to her- motherhood of gone mother. After days hunt when she steps inside her nest, her eyes search for her son and the moment she see him a life becomes meaningful for her and she gets another reason to live. The Mother- who didn’t last gave later birth to two more wee adorable creatures that set reasons for her to live and fight against odds of family, work and world. When these three wee adorable creatures of her started growing, who were her children. She had her dreams come true, her pain never stayed when she use to see smile on small faces of her children. A small scratch on her children use to make her nights miserable and days restless, tears use to make her cheeks softer the soft.

Why she was born? For what day?. She use to see other young boys and girls and then use to count everyday, every hour when her children will grow of their age- young girl and boys. She tried every single possible way to save them from outside world and grow them- the thing in which she never really succeeded but yes she became their shield. When her children grew young, she was happy; she started making plans of her dreams, which were her children. Now she wanted them to grow in their youth and see them getting highest degrees, then earn and become successful, get good posts and see them getting married and see them becoming father and mother- Alas! Pearl dreams that broke into pieces.

For her elder son she always dreamt of seeing him ruling- ah! My mother, foolish in love, did you knew, you can see that day?, see him getting married. She even has searched names for her grand children. When her children grew of age where they were about to get settled in their life and give a little gift to their mother, which she dreamt from years for them till they grew as men and lady. Now the time was she watching them becoming successful, earn good, get married and have children. Now, their children were of the age where they had grown up looking at the beautiful piece of creation that god has ever created on earth, mother- a priceless emotional creature. Now they were ready to serve her what she always dreamt of. She always use to tell them, “do what you love to do, enjoy and what makes you happy, that will make me happy and feel loved”. When they were about to start, mother was diagnosed with cancer-how and what to write about it, what happened to dreams…!

They never cried because they had belief that mother can’t die though knowing she had cancer- last stage sarcoma. But we let her live like as if she never was diagnosed with cruelest disease. She never let cancer to win, she continued her work same way as she use to do before- A lady with armor, a lady with courage of warrior, a lady with elegance, a woman with class. She wanted to see her son getting married before she will return.

They found one girl for their son, which he like and introduced to her family and mother-who didn’t last. The talks between families started, preparation for marriage started etc. Against all odds marriage was finally fixed, listening to which mother got so happy as if more years of life were awarded to her- ah! Mother.

Now few days left for marriage of her wee adorable creatures that is grown as a young man. Now the date came close and mother was happy. Before she could say how she is feeling, God sent his angel to call her back. Mother couldn’t even see her first son getting married. Three days before the date fixed for her son’s marriage, she left him when he needed her most. She taught him meaning of first love and she taught him what separation means, how strong is first love and pain of separation. Three days mother couldn’t wait and see her son getting married. She is the mother who didn’t last for even few days to see first happiness entering their door which she dreamt of more than her son. A gardener, who throughout years watered, fertilized, fed, protected her garden from every storm, sun and bad days, when time came to enjoy the beauty of the garden, gardener is gone back leaving a hole in hearts of flowers.

I miss you and will miss you Mother-who didn’t last.