Mother – Who Didn’t Last

“I’m alone, why did you go? Didn’t you for even once thought about us? Why you left early when we needed you? The moment we started understanding the meaning of love, you took love away from us and a reason, and left! How your heart could let you do this?” and leave our hearts in ache.

She-the mother who didn’t last but her motherhood left aches, when for the first time took wee adorable creature gently in her hands and tenderly embraced to her bosom and she forgot her unbearable pain of giving birth. Looked at him and in her whimpering voice and sobbed eyes, she said, “you are my Father, I have never seen my father, not even had picture of his, and I guess he looked like you. Please never leave me like he did”. The wee creature may not be her first love but she loved this creature more than anything ever existed on earth, even she. The Girl turned mother dreamt every day of looking her wee creature growing up and turning into child to young boy in youth to man, seeing him having job, getting him married having kids and wife- whenever she use to think about this her eyes use to fill with tears. She fed him; every second of her life she use to notice him burgeoning, loved him, played with him, use to take his tender hands into her hands, pamper him, hug n kiss him- thousands of ways that no one other than mother could love her son. Going on days hunt over ridges, her mind was still with her wee adorable creature, who she called her son and adore him most; thinking about him her day use to pass. The evening always bought happiness to her, when she will be returning to her nest. The travel would look like voyage to her- motherhood of gone mother. After days hunt when she steps inside her nest, her eyes search for her son and the moment she see him a life becomes meaningful for her and she gets another reason to live. The Mother- who didn’t last gave later birth to two more wee adorable creatures that set reasons for her to live and fight against odds of family, work and world. When these three wee adorable creatures of her started growing, who were her children. She had her dreams come true, her pain never stayed when she use to see smile on small faces of her children. A small scratch on her children use to make her nights miserable and days restless, tears use to make her cheeks softer the soft.

Why she was born? For what day?. She use to see other young boys and girls and then use to count everyday, every hour when her children will grow of their age- young girl and boys. She tried every single possible way to save them from outside world and grow them- the thing in which she never really succeeded but yes she became their shield. When her children grew young, she was happy; she started making plans of her dreams, which were her children. Now she wanted them to grow in their youth and see them getting highest degrees, then earn and become successful, get good posts and see them getting married and see them becoming father and mother- Alas! Pearl dreams that broke into pieces.

For her elder son she always dreamt of seeing him ruling- ah! My mother, foolish in love, did you knew, you can see that day?, see him getting married. She even has searched names for her grand children. When her children grew of age where they were about to get settled in their life and give a little gift to their mother, which she dreamt from years for them till they grew as men and lady. Now the time was she watching them becoming successful, earn good, get married and have children. Now, their children were of the age where they had grown up looking at the beautiful piece of creation that god has ever created on earth, mother- a priceless emotional creature. Now they were ready to serve her what she always dreamt of. She always use to tell them, “do what you love to do, enjoy and what makes you happy, that will make me happy and feel loved”. When they were about to start, mother was diagnosed with cancer-how and what to write about it, what happened to dreams…!

They never cried because they had belief that mother can’t die though knowing she had cancer- last stage sarcoma. But we let her live like as if she never was diagnosed with cruelest disease. She never let cancer to win, she continued her work same way as she use to do before- A lady with armor, a lady with courage of warrior, a lady with elegance, a woman with class. She wanted to see her son getting married before she will return.

They found one girl for their son, which he like and introduced to her family and mother-who didn’t last. The talks between families started, preparation for marriage started etc. Against all odds marriage was finally fixed, listening to which mother got so happy as if more years of life were awarded to her- ah! Mother.

Now few days left for marriage of her wee adorable creatures that is grown as a young man. Now the date came close and mother was happy. Before she could say how she is feeling, God sent his angel to call her back. Mother couldn’t even see her first son getting married. Three days before the date fixed for her son’s marriage, she left him when he needed her most. She taught him meaning of first love and she taught him what separation means, how strong is first love and pain of separation. Three days mother couldn’t wait and see her son getting married. She is the mother who didn’t last for even few days to see first happiness entering their door which she dreamt of more than her son. A gardener, who throughout years watered, fertilized, fed, protected her garden from every storm, sun and bad days, when time came to enjoy the beauty of the garden, gardener is gone back leaving a hole in hearts of flowers.

I miss you and will miss you Mother-who didn’t last.

2 thoughts on “Mother – Who Didn’t Last

  1. Sunera Khan

    A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends desert us, she will cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.

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