Eat Beef and Get Murdered: Welcome to India

Man from Dadri, UP, was killed and women at his house were molested from his family for eating meal because some inhuman and uneducated mob supported by power hungry politician heard rumors of cow slaughtering by man? Later, which turned out to be false? The sample of meat was sent to the laboratory to check whether the meat is beef or not? It was a rumor of eating beef and when asked Ex- MLA of BJP, he came up with the statement, “those arrested for the killing are “innocent kids” who got “excited” by the grave crime of eating beef.” In other words MLA said Human life values nothing in front of our Agenda and vote bank. This didn’t stop here, later, BJP blamed the victim family for loose of life and murderers were called as “Innocent Kids” and justified the killing of deceased. The killing over the beef rumor lies in the ideology supporting “Hindutva”, where no other community can practice their beliefs, if did, than has to face remorse consequences like this. In other words Hindutva forces the death of “Secularism” and “Humanity”. The country with enormous number of religions, communities, linguistics has to follow one law and practice one religion i.e. The Hindutva.
These so called politicians value no one more than their power and vote bank. When Muslims fight or protest back they are referred as terrorists and called their protests and fights ulterior motives of terrorism. What different role VHP, Sanatan Sanstha, RSS, and other extremist organizations play in India than ISIS and other terrorist organizations, who kill innocent humans for their ulterior motives? The work is same but being Non-Muslims extremist organization, media and government will Label them differently “Innocent kids got excited, it’s not act of terrorism, its act of crime”. Why Dual Policy? Why Hypocrisy? Does the Nation only belong to only one community? Or it’s finally going in the direction what some extremist people and organizations wanted it to be? The Nation is of Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and of many other people from different beliefs, not only of supporters of Hindutva. Even whole world belongs to different communities not only to one particular community, who goes for mass murder to claim the country or world. Different people have different beliefs, different Ideologies, different nature and different taste. But no one has the right to murder on bases of difference on Taste, Belief, Ideology or Religion.
The issue of Beef Ban or eating non-veg has long history and clash of opinions has been between vegetarians and Non-vegetarians from ages. That doesn’t give a particular community right to kill Human Being for eating what they like (killing pets are not supported). If eating Beef is problem for a particular community? Than Muslims have problem with Alcohol and Pork, than why aren’t they banned yet? Why cigarettes are not banned yet even after knowing these are also against the sentiments of Sikh community? Why they still in Market? The beef banning is not for Nation it is for one particular sect, as majority of votes belong to that sect. The Beef Ban is not for Nation, it is communal.
Why Muslims and other beef consuming communities had been target on this issue and killed mercilessly? When India is ranked the world’s largest exporter of Beef with 2,400,000tones (contribute 23.53% to total export of world) in 2015 followed by Brazil with 2,005,000 (19.66%). And most of prominent names and exporters of beef are Arabian Export of Deepak Tijori, Al Kabeer Exports now run by Atul Subberwal, Al-Noor Export of Ajay Sud, Mahesh Jagadale and Co, Sujata Bones of MK Deore, Dode Industries, Fine Exports, SK Leather, Ramesh Juneja & Sons, Bharat Leather, Woodland, Raymonds, Datta Soap, BS International, Sixth Sense, Natural Craft, Bounty Fashion Export, Kochhar Brothers, Ravi Exports, Kalia International, and Hindustan Unilever Ltd. – all engaged in beef and the business of associated raw materials and products. They why a poor Muslim old man was inhumanly killed? Why his daughters were molested? Son assaulted? Mother beaten? And was accused of hurting religious sentiments?
BJP’s Indore MLA Usha Thakur has stirred up a hornet’s nest when she advised “Muslim community to either sacrifice their sons or give up the practice of sacrificing innocent animals on the occasion of Eid al-Adha”.
Is this the sympathy for animals or provoking people to kill Muslims? Do they want to prove India does only belong to followers of Hindutva?
This is an act of terrorism, same as other International Terrorist Organizations. For Massacre whole Indian government is responsible.

Human being are not meant to be killed even if they belong to different religion, beliefs and ideologies.

6 thoughts on “Eat Beef and Get Murdered: Welcome to India

  1. hobbyie

    I ate beef fry with porotta last evening. Kerala ha ha. You can’t generalize India like that. India is a union of more than 30 former kingdoms with different customs and traditions. It is like if Europe become a nation. German’s might be Nazi’s, but that does not mean whole of Europe is Nazi. When going from one state to another it is like going from a nation to nation. By the way radicals cannot be avoided in any society, they will be there in passive and active form. Ironically, Malayalee’s are the experts in ancient scriptures, they know more about it than any other people ha ha.


    1. Thanks for giving general information, which I already knew, I still appreciate it. First of all the post is not for those who killed the victim, the post is for those who gave justification for his death and some even justified his death and some gave threats like “It was example, we will do it again if we found anyone doing so”, some even threatened CM of Karnataka and list goes on. I put it for those who justify the murder deed. I didn’t generalize whole India, I exactly quoted for those who represent India outside and still justified this incident and some even didn’t open mouth.

      Let me ask you, if these radical elements are there, shouldn’t they be punished? If yes, then why aren’t they punished yet? why they are free? And some even turned politicians.

      If some European group support Nazi thought, they are considered as Nazi supporters, please do check, there are still some left but undercover.
      Same applies here.
      So what you call those who supported murderers and killers? or were silent that time and even now?
      Are vote banks more important than Human Life? or They now care only about votes not life?
      Hope you understood.
      When one woman’s/man’s action can make India proud all over world, then one crime like this can tarnish whole image that is why I said, “Welcome to India”.

      South of India is Intellect, they welcome opinion of everyone and let people practice their belief and faith, but it doesn’t happen in every part of India.
      India is union of 30 former states, but you can’t deny injustice done to many states. (even on political bases)
      You can’t deny some states and communities consider themselves as India and rest they don’t consider.

      There are thousands of facts and realities but let it be.

      Before misunderstanding your any comment I would like to know what this means
      “Ironically, Malayalee’s are the experts in ancient scriptures, they know more about it than any other people ha ha.”

      I like to be clear rather than judging and misinterpreting.


      1. hobbyie

        Organized religion is mainly meant to bring as many people as possible under one umbrella, control them and ultimately control the nation and the resources. That was the real purpose of religious organizations. They are the left hand of power structure.

        There was no religion called Hindu. Anyone who lived in the land of Sindhu river was a Hindu.

        There are many Malayalees who are real experts in ancient scriptures but are not really religious, will eat beef and are not sensitive to religious stuff. I was amazed that Wendy Doniger’s book contains jokes that were famous in Kerala. My cousin told she definitely talked to a Malayalee. Suppose there is god and he actually comes down tomorrow and if there is a group who will criticize god right in front of him, it will be Malyalees ha ha. Of course, there are a few radicals even in Kerala but they are not that crazy ha ha.


  2. hobbyie

    All these religious stories have the same base with different colors to it and the organizations want people to think they are entirely different. Refer to the question on quora “What parallelism can we draw between gods of Hindu mythology, Greek mythology, Egyptian mythology, etc.?”


      1. hobbyie

        I was just speaking in general ha ha. It is better not to speak about religious fundamentalism. They are like dog’s tail, won’t get straightened in a thousand years ha ha.


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