A Common Kashmiri’s Journey to Pain… A Story of Betrayal, Scars and Politics.

Shed the Curtains of India and Pakistan rivalry, try to see Pain, Betrayal and Politics in Kashmir with own eyes and feel the pain of suppression.


Why both the neighboring countries are fighting over Kashmir, which belongs to Kashmiris? The Fight between two countries India and Pakistan is since their Independence and even way before that to divide “Old Good India”, why Kashmir should be the Victim of their Politics? None of them love Kashmir, they just need battle ground to settle their “Old Communal Rifts” which everybody know, andthey could not find better land then this. Pandit brothers were dragged and mercilessly killed by conspiracy played by both countries Pakistan and India, which they tried to play for Sikhs as well but didn’t succeed. Now same is theory is played to erase Muslims in Kashmir. Why Kashmiris suffer in their hunger for Land and power?


All the leaders from Kashmir and across both the Countries- India and Pakistan played Important role in crushing of Kashmir and Kashmiris – whether Party in governance or one sitting in Opposition, whether leaders from Separatist Parties or leaders sitting across borders. Kashmir is of Kashmiris irrespective of one being Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, Christians or Buddhists, as long as one is Kashmiri, Kashmir belongs to him. I would have said or raised voice that time when injustice was happening to our other communities in Kashmir who belong to Kashmir but unfortunately I was not born that time. It doesn’t mean that I can’t raise voice now or can’t stand by right or stand against wrong now, I will stand.


When India and Pakistan together fought against British, was there any Back-Hand supporting that rebellion or any conspiracy against British? Or any fringe elements? No, that was just fight for freedom and war against injustice. Then why the struggle in Kashmir is referred as “Conspiracy“, “Activities of Fringe Elements“, “Paid revolution” etc.? People need to wake up and see truth rather than being governed by “Media-Conspiracy Theory” – which shows you what they want you to see, which puts an idea in your mind what they want you to think, they want you to raise voice when they want, they force you to deny the freedom of the other state and call it terrorism when they want, they force you to consider a terrorist as Patriot and Bakht when they want. One’s the relations are screwed with that so called patriot the same patriot who was ‘partner in crime’ with media will become “Deshdrohi” or “Anti-National”, here again they decide who to call what.

Why you let media to direct you? Why don’t you direct them?

Why the news they show is important and you have to watch? Why not the news that you want to show them to rest of the country and which is of real importance is showed?

Why the struggle of Ukraine is showed as a struggle for freedom and struggle by Kashmir is said terrorism and activities of fringe elements?

Why we need media’s eyes to see? ears to hear? tongue to speak? Are we using ours?

Think, think and think…

The political parties and so called politicians from both the countries don’t care about whether Kashmiris live or die but it’s so hot topic between public of both the countries that they use is as a vote bank. For illustration,

Indian Politicians: “Kashmir humara tha, humara rahega”, Dhoodh mango gay to kheer dengay, Kashmir maangogay to cheer dengay” etc

Pakistani Politicians: “I will take back Kashmir, all of it, and I will not leave behind a single inch of it because, like the other provinces, it belongs to Pakistan” etc

Comments like this are made every day by politicians from both the Nations. If I am not wrong has anybody in decades ever considered what Kashmiris wanted, unless they don’t want to ruin opposite groups, not even said for once, “Let us ask Kashmiris what they want because Kashmir is of Kashmiris, we will go with what they want. They are and were busy in making their political benefits so much that they don’t even consider it important and always keep ranting their slogans, “We are leaders of Kashmir and representative of Kashmiris“, who said this to them that they represent us? they represent political benefits of two countries, which they nourish time to time. Adding to this, the word Plebiscite was brought into existence, which was a word for them to keep manipulating old innocent Kashmiris who believed their decisions, which in reality has no importance of freedom, no action plan just a drag-n-drop political preference but no Freedom.12195952_436027113253427_5653209837598081761_n But with new youth who are intellectual and educated they fail to manipulate them.

12188904_436025919920213_1654365606169583012_nThe politicians across both the countries are not only responsible for the Burning of Paradise, those leaders who once fought for the freedom of Kashmir against Maharaja Rule and other atrocities, later sold themselves and their soul in the hands of political elements and became the one against which they once fought, even worse. Till today their atrocities are growing on Kashmiri people. Adding to worseness of atrocities they did bring some of the heinous Laws like POTA (Prevention of Terrorism Act)- “under which even if the Kashmiri gave shelter to any terrorist, even if terrorist has taken shelter on gun point, his/her property will be seized and family behind bars”, for us both side have suppressed us on the gun point, no difference it makes, AFSPA- army rule in a passive way, PSA- under which even 9 year old was put behind bars. From time to time they were amended and brought to make it even more miserable for Kashmiris to live in Kashmir with the support of Kashmiri political leaders from both the groups who serve their faith to India or to Pakistan. The Hunger to rule the state has blinded and made them Traitors of the nation who believed them once (so called Kashmiri leaders).

12191963_436027419920063_8234222376143176492_nThe witness of which is blood carnage of Bijbehara Massacre on October 22, 1993, 20 March 2000 Chattisinghpora, 25 March 2000 Pathribal village, 2006 Doda massacre in Thawa village against unarmed innocent Hindus of Jammu and Kashmir State, Doodhipora killing February 22, 2006, Gawkadal massacre on 20 January 1990 the Indian paramilitary troops of the Central reserve Police Force opened fire on a group of Kashmiri protesters where at least 50 people were killed, Handwara massacre on 25 January 1990, Kishtwar massacrewas on 3 August 2001 when 17 Hindu villagers were killed and the list of Blood carnage and massacre goes on where only Kashmiris suffered whether Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, in the hands of these politicians from both the countries and their representatives. One cannot also forget 2008, 2010, Kunan Poshpora heinous Night of Rape which occurred on February 23, 1991 and killing and rape of Kashmiri Pandits and Exodus of 150000 Pandits. How can a Kashmiri forget these scars? Tears of mother and face of sister narrates it all. Silence of Father and son speaks it all.

None of the countries would have been able to play the open massacre in Kashmir unless leaders wouldn’t have supported them. For this we Kashmiri paid huge fine because of which one part is under Pakistan and one under India. They don’t fight to get Kashmir freedom; they fight which master should rule us. Leaders have never done justice for Kashmiris as their hunger for power has always restricted them to take a wise decision in favor of Jammu and Kashmir. The word “Plebiscite” seems very exciting to a Kashmiri who feels, “Yes, I can take decision what I want…I will be free” but unfortunately it’s the finest way to inherit freedom struggle of Kashmiris, according to the UN resolution “plebiscite offers the option of choosing between India and Pakistan” that means we have to stay slaves, we are just given the option to change the Master, we can never have freedom. The “Slave and Master” concept is supported in no religion and in no books of Humanity. 5f0cc5d733eb355aa53187eb416d0f95

Why I should accept “IOA (Instrument of Accession)” or “Plebiscite” which was and is a wolf in skin of sheep which is tender and soft sword to divide my Kashmir- My Paradise?

Why should I accept the UN Resolution which inherits my freedom, which makes me just eligible to change My Master?

Why I should support Pakistan, India or China when my people from Jammu, Kashmir, Ladhak, Leh, Ciyachin etc are suffering?

No state party in Kashmir is of Kashmiris they are just representatives of India and Pakistan, the history of political parties and political families cleanly clears the sight of common man what are the hidden agenda of these parties. Why should we Vote when we don’t accept them as our Rulers, but crushed under suppression and circumstances I am forced to do unlike all the other Kashmiris. Thanks to representative leaders of India and Pakistan.

I remember the quote by Abraham Lincoln, “Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves

The struggle of “Old Good India- India before 1947” was termed as Freedom struggle and struggle by Kashmiri people as terrorist activity, why double standards? There are so many more statement I want to put forward and open my heart to but Alas! We humans listen to reply never listen to understand the pain. I soon will be put under gun of questions, as for them it is the issue of Nationalism but for me it’s the issue of Freedom and Peace. Kashmir has become issue of prestige, they care about no Kashmiri.

Sowing the seed of hatred in one community against another is their success formula to stay in power and get votes, I am common man these things doesn’t please me, love and peace, freedom and identity serves me a lot. I don’t hate India or Pakistan, I love people from both sides, same way I love my people, whats harm and wrong in that? I always pray for the Peace of India and Pakistan and same I do for My Kashmir, is it any sin? I always pray for the success of both countries that they become best of best in world, what is harm in wishing and praying for My Kashmir same? I wish India and Pakistan should be an example of democracy and freedom, what is wrong in praying same for Kashmir?

Kashmiri Youth wants


But who to tell?


By Syed Rufaid Qadri